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moncler Xie Shou Chui some emotion

The reporter Hu Jun off days husband |]0sj"CV5hxL7N
On the third day: by Please eat, no appetite hastily finished
f0]3F'r"\,er u'v Xie Shou Chui said today gained a wish._ Z,za(ep
Then, accompanied by his lawyer,[url=http://so-go.info/blog/2012/08/post-14.html#comments]moncler outlet[/url], Xie Shou Chui judge conducted a 47-minute closed-door interviews. In the meantime,[url=http://www.moncler20l2-fr.com/]moncler[/url], Xie Shou Chui twice to female judge kneel, Yanmianerqi,[url=http://www.moncleroutlett2012.com/]moncler[/url], begged the judge lenient sentence,[url=http://www.louboutinpascher-fr.org/]louboutin[/url]. The judge several stop talking to appease their emotions. The judge promised the mother and son meet will be arranged after the verdict.!f\5E*fz*Rs3LKB{
More than 6:00 in the morning,[url=http://www.monclersitoufficialle.com/]Moncler[/url], the 25th, Xie Shou Chui got up early, hastily finishing a mirror hair. This is the first time since her illness the mirror,[url=http://www.airjordanfemme.net/]air jordan[/url]. As they wish, today, the trial judge in charge of the case is about to meet her,[url=http://www.moncle2012-fr.com/]moncler[/url]./r}3U+t}+kP
About 9:00,[url=http://www.moncler2012-it.net/]moncler[/url], the support from the body of the sick,[url=http://www.monclerppiuminioutlet.com/]moncler outlet[/url], Xie Shou Chui climb Baiyun District Court in front of the tall ladder should be about to come to the fifth court,[url=http://www.moncleroutlett-piumini.org/]moncler outlet[/url]. While waiting in the corridor,[url=http://jsh.258club.com/viewthread.php?tid=8632&extra=]doudoune moncler  tires[/url], several suspects ready for trial wearing a prison jumpsuit in handcuffs after a. Xie Shou Chui the nutation Diqi,[url=http://www.monclerfrpascher.com/]moncler[/url], she thought of his own son,[url=http://www.monclerrfrancemagasin.com/]doudoune moncler[/url].
n$k _([Op4rT![ Seven oclock in the evening on the 24th of this month, accompanied by defense lawyer Liu Ming Kui and Chongqing Morning News reporter Chen Fu,[url=http://www.monclerppiuminioutlet.com/]moncler[/url], Aishou weak Xie Shou Chui out of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,[url=http://www.moncle2012-fr.com/]doudoune moncler[/url]. Xie Shou Chui first journey,[url=http://www.monclerfrpascher.com/]doudoune moncler[/url], before she even home Kaixian county have not been to,[url=http://www.moncleroutlett2012.comcom/]moncler outlet[/url].
dj\4P d)_)r,@^"A The next day: twice kneel, Yanmianerqi, seeking a judge lenient sentenceNm vb5]
First day: see reporters even say thank you to the Guangzhou good-hearted people
Gs,`gg%v{'DtlDO Out from the court,[url=http://www.moncleroutlett-piumini.org/]moncler[/url], Xie Shou Chui cheer, came to the Sanyuanli police station,[url=http://www.airjordanfemme.net/]air jordan retro[/url],[url=http://klfq.site40.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=35774]moncler Pillows and sofa is his home[/url], would like to donate money to the police Road a thank also want to apologize to the police investigators, happen to be parties to the police out of the police, their colleagues must convey and encourage Xie Shou Chui strong.ZX`&]X9@
18:00 Many work in Guangzhou, Chongqing villagers rushed to the Xie Shou Chui live the hotel, ask the elders to eat,[url=http://www.moncler2012-it.net/]moncler outlet[/url], the face of the rich fish or fowl, Xie Shou Chui but have little appetite, she hastily ate two.
3JwQ!r B@n \ 8:00 yesterday, Xie Shou Chui then go relax. Authentic Cantonese-style morning tea, row upon row of tall buildings ... all of this, so Xie Shou Chui feel fresh, brief moment,[url=http://www.christianlouboutin-2012.biz/]louboutin[/url], a faint smile came to her wrinkled face,[url=http://www.monclersitoufficialle.com/]Moncler outlet[/url].]!z~ s(cJ0E*A L5o
Xie Shou Chui is concerned, Guangzhou is a city she moved her sad letting --- son made a big mistake in Guangzhou, is now being held in the detention center; intentioned Guangzhou people not only to donate money to her medical treatment, also funded her to Guangzhou to visit his son,[url=http://www.moncler20l2-fr.com/]doudoune moncler[/url]. When seen to pick her Guangzhou reporters, Xie Shou Chui some emotion, said a lot of times I would like to thank the good Samaritans of Guangzhou donations to treat me.8X,Z:EGwF$@6J,^'|
21:00, Xie Shou Chui admitted to the Guangzhou Baiyun District,[url=http://www.louboutinpascher-fr.org/]louboutin pas cher[/url], an economy hotel chain. Settle her emotions began to deteriorate. Thousands of miles from Kaixian Guangzhou trip, she has been a suppressed tears. At this point,[url=http://www.monclerrfrancemagasin.com/]moncler[/url], is putting his thoughts suddenly my heart. She sat in silence bedside, weeping constantly,[url=http://www.christianlouboutin-2012.biz/]Chaussures louboutin[/url].

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a man was thrown

In 1, a man was thrown, money problems; the woman is thrown, look, I was left, you fucking head problems.2, shipment has an expiration date, people are tired of watching.You are in my heart, when can Niubi.l v;M#[ y"t0G C
3, said Sister beautiful, is actually the makeup.4, never judge people by their appearance [url=http://iipalibrary.in/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Rsmmcudzw#love__and__real__love_is_the_same]love  and  real  love is the same[/url], not a mistress.5, the time is right, place on, feelings of the characters, but found no!6, each woman will always a man and cheap.-Yp S'c$I]iv L&h
7, the power of ordinary people like mistress, could not resist.In 8, a grain of salt, his temper is the sea.9, but love is lonely, pull the beautiful calf.10, life is not audition, a pampered life version.
Ce$o+N8[ akE"TDlv 11, happy are the same, you sad.In 12, the bird is small, it is the whole sky play.13, woman is good, the sister-in-law, mixed well, is a bitch.In 14, after the breakup of miss not called miss, called bitchy.
e$tr a x w In 15, a variety of positions    , various strokes. Various insurgent, a variety of gone with the wind.In 16, the fox is not a monster, not coquettish sexy.17 [url=http://www.juicyvipsale.net]Cheap Juicy Tracksuits[/url], do not you play video speed, to challenge the dark sister pull technology. tC.y]upV
18, take a hundred kind red, dog and people of different.In 19, general guy generally proud general small female side.20, do not do the Greek championship.21, do not be infatuated with brother, sister-in-law is the legend.
#]s q"q3f$j In 22, brother is just a bureau, and you're addicted.23, don't give me, I am afraid you swear, by thunder.In 24, miss, I'm sorry, I am not handsome.But not every woman has a chance.25, you play your custom, I play my format.
(Q!P7HYBWWz(J8_g 26, God is fair, because he would not be fair to everyone.27, down by looking up courage, strength.28, my life from me, day by day to destroy me I destroyed the day.In 29, the so-called surprise you is hard to wait for the rabbit, followed by a wolf.B$?&X'|.y-W~D2n
30, please don't put your silly B, as cattle B.31, I will appear in your family account book, do not you wife, also do you mother.In 32, I was dumb, usually speak are fake.In 33, humble surface, hide inside the metamorphosis.
R9B wS/K`4De 34 [url=http://www.edhardygrossiste.com]Ed Hardy pas cher[/url], woman silk stockings to conquer man, man with the silk stockings to conquer the bank.35 brother, not just infatuation legend, legend too beautiful.In 36, the doctor told me to carry on the photosynthesis, don't stay up too late.6PCa*S q
In 37, I said to be quiet [url=http://www.paulsmithprix.biz]baskets paul smith[/url].But you must give me applause and scream.In 38, one heart, only one, if you put two people, you are not human.39, the lowest goal: peasant woman spring is a bit field.40, Audi, wear Dior, eat nothing for Oreo.
#w2i-}E5| Yyi'Cr In 41, a rain cloud, midnight, midnight cry even more frightening.42, no clear water to fish, to mean invincible.43, poor Nike, Fua Die, a Armani rogue.44, mistress is not wrong, wrong in the temptation.%b%P J!}pi1x?
45, the woman is Merchants Bank, man is the construction bank.In 46, Tang's monk again severe, but is also a monkey.47, the social reality low-key low-key person, who is the most charming.48, is not afraid of a is a hero, but the debt is so poor.
8b/Cb;lG6m i 49, if I give my glorious day will than the days of madness.50, you are not cactus, why being so strong.51, behind every successful man, there is a woman full of having nothing to do.52, no toad, swan will also lonely. }G+Uv$Xj1da%d
53, life is like a play, all by acting.54, women are good at makeup, and the man's disguise at.55, low-key all high-profile, high-profile hit sign.56, my signature is very expensive, especially the sign on top of the check.hn tu{x%_
57, money created a woman, and you have made me what I am.58, woman loaded than the man called capital, charge ratio is called the metamorphosis.In 59, is a ghost don't people, is not the Lord [url=http://www.soldesedhardy.net]Ed Hardy Homme[/url], is B don't wait [url=http://www.polo-vente.com]polo ralph lauren pas cher[/url], is not pure.
B$oS0Y4U:f 60, mosaic is the biggest obstacle to hinder the body art.In 61, a woman's mind, just like you always do not know what kind of paralysis.Wish friends happy forever, after the recall was reproduced and sharing.

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This society who will have pity on you

cry nobody coax, I learn to be strong;             even when nobody accompany, I learned courage; trouble when no one asked, I learned to accept;             tired when no one can rely on, I learned self-reliance so I find myself, so I am very good, more commendable is, the world, the           &nbsp [url=http://www.edhardygrossiste.com]sweats ed hardy[/url]; I only have one, and only one of me!Gradually, I mature,             know people are forced out, only the pressure can force, because there is no more unhappy, so now you are also happy!Want into a butterfly pupa to cocoon, want the rebirth of the Phoenix to tiller line, will be strong, even if sad alone, don't beg for mercy's come cheap, catch is cheap, in the pursuit of the good and don't lose myself, should always be myself, only his own all style, who also can imitate, the real you no pirate!    believe yourself can be propped up their own blue sky ~ is the horse should be to gallop prairie, is the eagle will fly through the sky, and I just need to be myself!The force of life and how the environment is not good, how difficult [url=http://www.paulsmithprix.biz]paul smith pas cher[/url], how, all of this requires you to go out!            spelling out a place to stay with!This society who will have pity on you!Who is not from beaten back, who is not from the round of the mixed a.b9G(?[eP"X3@-Ww
.Can't dominate others behave yourself, give yourself a chance to reborn,               forced out before you is to transmute hero, grasp the opportunity, to show a new self, I always believe in "love to fight will win".
{ML0MQi#w-K8\ To love is sad, rather proud of the mold, not low-key do.Have a look at the book boring, lonely and find a best friends [url=http://www.polo-ventes.net]Chemise Ralph Lauren[/url], treat yourself, health is everything.Don't go to demand their own things, because that makes no sense, and put down the down, to live out his wonderful!Say sorry to myself, because for a long time without a good meal. U'a0T^9b$]
Sorry to say sorry, because once to others because of their own.Sorry     to say sorry, because always inexplicable sadness [url=http://www.juicyvipsale.net]juicy couture sale[/url].Sorry to say sorry, because for a long time did not make good use of time [url=http://www.soldesedhardy.net]ed hardy pas cher[/url].
)g|v mh/a$u@!B Sorry to say sorry, because of many things I did learn to cherish.Sorry to say sorry, because the camouflage to make themselves tired.Sorry to say sorry, because I did not talk to smile with tears.Sorry to say sorry, because I didn't pick yourself a gift.
O2o`R[|h}V,{-_ Sorry to say sorry, because the stubborn to get hurt.Sorry to say sorry, sad because of some trouble the people I care about.Sorry to say sorry, because I make myself happy [url=http://www.ststephens.net.au/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?24572.last]you don  buy snacks  or not[/url].Sorry to say sorry, because forget to remind yourself to take good care of yourself.G2@7g*g#Vy1q
Sorry to say sorry, because always and others say sorry, forget yourself.Sorry finally, saying sorry, life goes on.Sorry I just want to make myself happy, not sad.Sorry so, I smiled and forgive myself.

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moncler Xie Shou Chui some emotion

Very good piece

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